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What Is Horseplay?
Purveyors of hedonistic equine revelry, Horseplay throw unique parties, spinning a frisky mix of cutting edge underground dance music and a fine dusting of glitter and sleaze. Born in 2011, Horseplay started its life in a dirty basement beneath a metal bar, with a mixed queer crowd, cheap beer and a haze of smoke and lasers. In 2013, Horseplay had a messy rebirth as a quarterly party which spills out across unexpected spaces throughout Bristol city.

Who Plays What?
Sound-tracked by Jockeys Mike Pony, Jim Carna and Bronco, Horseplay have hosted guests from HomoElectric, Sink The Pink, Douche Bag, Shake Yer Dix, Dirtytalk, Pardon My French and Shambarber and also played at nights such as Dirtytalk, The Men Who Fell To Earth and Homoelectic. We like to keep our ears to the ground for those who share our ethos. We also host touring parties such as “Dressage” and “Plastic” with big guest DJs and full stage shows of gogo and performance. Dressage (O2 Academy & Lakota, Bristol) played host to the legendary Horse Meat Disco and Plastic (O2 Academy) to Little Boots Discotheque.

Will I Be Welcome?
Horseplay attracts all sorts of people… we are a mixed club where stallions and fillies of all persuasions can get sweaty together. We don’t care who you are or what you are wearing, as long as you’re up for sleazy, sexy disco. Polish your hooves, comb out your mane and dance until you’re ready for the knackers yard!

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