Stokes Croft Quarter


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For a shopping experience of a different kind, head to Stokes Croft: Bristol’s cultural quarter attracts visitors from all over the country with its unusual shops, great pubs, real clubs, fabulous food and a wealth of artist studios and ever-changing exhibitions. In fact the whole area resembles an outdoor gallery with colourful graffiti that continually transforms its walls and buildings. You might see some great artwork today – but by the time you want to show it to your friends tomorrow it has miraculously vanished or changed into a completely new picture. Keep your eyes open for some of Banksy’s best known pieces, your ears open for live music streaming onto the streets, and your taste buds prepared for some exciting culinary experiences.

And as for the shopping, you might find yourself heading home with a new piano, on the back of a new bike, a picture frame around your neck, whilst carefully balancing some locally produced bone china, and munching organically grown radishes.