Old Market Quarter


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Old Market is a chest of shopping treasures, some not to be found anywhere else in the city. The essence of Old Market has historically always been trade and, in parts, still is today. There are a great number of specialised traders who deal in everything from windsurfers to climbing ropes; from shop mannequins to wigs; from ironmongery to karaoke kits; martial arts gear to guitars…

But Old Market is also worth exploring for many other reasons. An ancient market place on what was for centuries the main road to London, the area is steeped in history and contains some of Bristol’s most historic buildings – over 60 of them listed. Old Market still bears witness to some ancient customs such as its Pie Poudre Court which wasn’t formally abolished until 1971. The court was situated in the still open Stag and Hounds pub and dealt out summary justice to market-day offenders.