About Bivisible Bristol

Bivisible Bristol is an informal group/network for anyone who has ever fancied more than one gender. You can be bisexual, biromantic, bicurious or bifurious! As well as pansexual, omnisexual, fluid, queer, or ‘just yourself’.
We’re calling it bi because that’s the word that’s in all the government legislation, the goddam acronym (lgbt) and other places. Some people don’t like the word, but, well, we’re stuck with it and if there’s prejudice around it then it’s our job to reclaim it, so there you go.

Bivisible Bristol is here partly because other sexualities have their own group, so why not bi people? Yay! It’s also here to be a helping hand for people who are perhaps struggling with what their sexuality is, or perhaps how society perceives their sexuality. There are a lot of prejudices, myths and plain lies circulating in that big ole world about what it is to be bi and to be honest most of those are really negative. Standing up to these myths is no small thing, even in your own mind. Coming along to a group of other bi people can be good because we can talk about our experiences in an unprejudiced setting.
Bi safe spaces are also really fun places to be. As well as feeling safe and as if you can be yourself, without fear of judgement, you get to meet other bi people. Now, bi people tend to be non judgemental types who will give an ear to anyone who wants to talk. Bi people are also slightly different from straight and gay people in that anyone can be bi (regardless of gender) and everyone is bi in a different way. This makes bi people very diverse, and when diverse, tolerant people get together with something to share, it can be an amazing experience! Everyone is welcome to come to Bivisible Bristol, whether they are bi or not.

Many people who are (or think they might be) bi have mentioned being worried about coming to Bivisible Bristol because they think everyone there will be uber-confident bis who have one man and one woman on each arm at all times. This is not true at all and in fact many people who’ve come to Bivisible Bristol have told us that for one reason or another they don’t feel they can call themselves bi, or are not ‘bi enough’. We want to reassure everyone that there is no perfect way to be bi, most people are more strongly attracted to one gender than the others, they’ve only had one or two experiences with their lesser-preferred gender(s) if at all! There isn’t a test of being bi and if you think you might be bi but then change your mind, we won’t hunt you down and tattoo a black mark on your head!

So please don’t feel intimidated, you are all very much extremely welcome. If you’d like to meet one-on-one first or need anything else to get the courage to come along, don’t hesitate to get in touch.
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